Mic check.. Check check.. 1.. 2..

Hey it's working.. ahem.. ..We're back!!

Welcome to my little corner to explain my journey on Twitch.

…I have been away for quite a while, for which I can only apologize to those who used to watch and take part in streams, you can thank health, stress, life and the good times that come progressing through ‘Adulting‘ but during that period I have been working in the background to make sure that I have the best that I can give out when I am streaming while supporting people already using the platform.

I’ve been using this time to try and learn as much as I can about live streaming, audio technique with Voicemeeter Potato, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), plug-ins for effects, twitch integration for games, video editing and additional graphics editing, it would appear that my time has become quite sought after because of this so I hope that I can help you all if you have questions about this.

I’m actively always trying to support the great people that I’ve found or have found my via Twitch to make sure they’re getting the best experiences for their viewers so as such my strapline seems to slowly becoming “I’m here to help, every good performer has a ghost writer” or the current one I’m running with that is “A little bit of Randomness, a little bit of the time

For the latest information about my streams such as any schedules then please navigate to my channel, or click either of the above banners, click on the about tab or use the graphic below where I put all of that.

“Hey we did it!! After a month… but that’s not the point.. oh yeah.. and we have no fuel to go home..”

It's not what you have..

One of those old mantras that applies to everything that we all do, but putting the time and effort into bothering to learn to get the best of what you have is going to always be the key.

To this note is why I try to continue to learn new software and hardware enhancements to enable me to help other content creators to get a either a better foothold or to skill up along with me on this crazy journey..

I have been working hard on a few tutorials and set-up guides for the software or games that between myself and my friends we play on a regular basis to hopefully help out some of you that are new to it or might not have seen what we have in it.

If you end up using one of my or our tutorials, resources or guidance please make sure you let us know about it as it enables us to know what is good to provide to people as we know it’s helping.

So for now all I can say is thanks for deciding to come along
and view the randomness and I hope to see you in one of my or friends streams!!


“..So note to self, install Sprinklers next time..”

Shino failing at Prison Architect